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Top 4 Alternatives to Google Adsense:
1) Yahoo Publisher, 2) MSN adCenter (PubCenter), 3) Chitika, and 4) Kontera
By Johnny at Hubpages Inc, HubPages.com

The top 4 alternatives to Google Adsense. Make $1000 to $5000 per month through the top 4 Alternatives to Google Adsense

This site contains the list of what I found out to be the Top 4 alternatives to Google Adsense Affiliate program. Google Adsense is currently the market leader and the world's No:1 PPC(pay-per-click) affiliate program.

Google Adsense is basically designed to work upon another program called "Google Adwords" by which website publishers can earn from Google by displaying contextual text ads on their websites. The advertiser pays Google through the "Google Adwords" program, which in turn pays the publisher through the "Google Adsense" program. Whenever users to the website clicks on ads, the owner of the website gets paid for each click. Click rates vary from as little as $0.02 per click to as much as $100 per click.

Google Adsense has become a popular and is currently the Numero uno program for making money online. Today, thousands of affiliates make money through the Google Adsense program. Many people earn upto $1000 per month through the Adsense program. Top adsense affilates around the world make as high as $1,00,000 per month

Many people who aspire to make money online wish to join the Adsense program due to it's overwhelming capacity to generate money. However, not everyone gets successful with Google Adsense. Google adsense lays strict compliance rules upon publishers in joining the program as well as being a part of it.

A year ago, Google was granting instant Adsense account approval to everyone. But now, Google has laid strict rules and stipulates that applicants need to adhere to certain rules before joining, such as minimum web traffic, quality content and ownership of distinct web domains.

Further, Google stipulates that websites need to be at least 6 months old and should generate prior adequate traffic in order to be accepted into the program. As a result, people are finding it difficult to be become members of the Google Adsense program.

However, one should realise that Google Adsense is not the only online affiliate program. There are others affiliate programs, which are similar and good as Google Adsense, if not better than Adsense. In this site, you can find the list of 4 top alternative programs to Google Adsense. These are also internationally proven affiliate programs which work on the same principle as Google Adsense.

Like Google Adsense, they are free to join and does not ask for any membership fees. Payments are also made in the same manner as Adsense; You get paid once you reach the minimum payout limit. You can receive your payments through Paypal, Alertpay or Cheque. With these programs, you can earn upto $1000 each month or even higher.

The logic and working nature these programs are all similar to that of Google Adsense. You will need to create your website and start displaying ads from the relevant programs. There are sites which can help you in creating websites by providing website templates. With these, you can learn the basics about PPC(pay-per-click) affiiate networking.

Further, its essential that you optimize your sites with the best keywords in order to maximize CTR(click-through-rate) on your sites and thereby increase your revenue. To find out the best paying keywords for your site, visit http://hubpages.com/hub/top-500-keywords-most-searched-on-the-internet-latest

The List of Top 4 Alternatives to Google Adsense

1. Yahoo Publisher Network (YPN) Affiliate Program
Yahoo Publisher Network(YPN) is Yahoo's answer to rival Google's PPC program Adense. Like Adsense, you are requied to submit your site to Yahoo for approval. Once your website is approved, you can start displaying Yahoo Ads on your website and start earning money. Yahoo currently runs on Beta

Yahoo Publisher Network(YPN) offers higher CPC(cost-per-click) rates to users when compared with Google Adsense. However, the CTR (Click-through-rate) is comparatively poor when compared to Adsense.

2. Microsoft(MSN) adCenter/PubCenter Affiliate Program
Like Yahoo, the software giant Microsoft has launched its own variant of the Google Adsense program, the MSN adCenter affiliate network. It is also very similar to Adsense and its features are similar to Adsense in many ways.

In fact, Microsoft adCenter has proven to offer both higher CPC and CTR rates when compared with Google Adsense. This has made the Microsoft adCenter a fast growing affiliate network.

3. Chitika Affiliate Program
If there is ever an affiliate program that could be considered better than Google Adsense, it's the Chitika Affiliate program. Though not known to many people, Chitika is a dynamic and revolutionary PPC affiliate tool, that is continuously proving to be a strong rival to Google Adsense

Chitika also provides another additional feature called "Chitika eminimalls" which are picture ads, displayed in addition to contextual text ads. Chitika also offers both higher CPC and CTR when compared with Google Adsense. Affiliates using both Google Adsense and Chitika have reported higher profits with Chitika

4. Kontera Affiliate Program
Kontera is a unique PPC affiliate program, which displays in-context ads instead of conventional link and banner ads. In-context ads are embedded within text in the webpage and pop out when a user places the mouse cursor on the particular text.

Kontera affiliate is also a high-performing affiliate program, but its CTR and CPC rates are relatively lower compared with other programs. Nevertheless, Kontera is a very good alternative for Google Adsense

The unique feature of Kontera is that unlike Adsense and other programs, you can obtain instant membership without being referred for approval. As a result, you can get instant membership and start money straight-away.

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